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North Carolina Gem & Mineral Showcase
Franklin & Spruce Pine, North Carolina USA


Venues: 8 gem, mineral, fossil and jewelry show locations


Show Dates: Franklin gem shows are open May 7-11 and July 23-27. Spruce Pine gem shows are held July 26 - August 3, 2014. Look on the left column of this web page for dates for individual shows. Hours vary for each show.


Contact: Click on the show names in the left column of this page for contact information for individual shows.


What you will find at the show: Towns and counties across North Carolina, in particular, western N.C., take their mineral heritages seriously, and several proudly hold annual festivals, fairs and shows to celebrate their rich gem, mineral, and mining history and culture. Xpo Press publishes one of our "EZ-Guides" for North Carolina because we believe the region is one of the richest in the world for hosting important gem, mineral, bead and jewelry related shows. Presently, the North Carolina EZ-Guide, and this section of the Xpo Press website, focuses primarily on the gem shows in the western N.C. towns of Franklin and Spruce Pine, because it is our belief that these are the two largest and most celebrated gem "showcases" in the state, with both towns opening multiple gem shows on the same dates. Four venues host gem shows in Franklin in May, then the same four open again in July (in addition to a fifth, the Faceters Frolic). Overlapping July's shows in Franklin are the three Spruce Pine shows (about a two-hour drive northeast of Franklin) that extend into August. Both towns lie in a stunningly beautiful area in the Great Smoky and Blue Ridge Mountains, and rockhounds who come here know that it is not rare on a casual hike in the hills to return home with a pocketful of precious stones, even rubies, sapphires and garnets! Hence, Franklin's nickname, the Gem Capital of the World; and Spruce Pine's proud legacy as the most important gem mining district in the world. Both areas are a rockhound's dream come true!

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Map of Franklin Gem & Mineral Shows, Mines and Museums

Click here for pdf file of map, suitable for printing.

Map of Spruce Pine Gem & Mineral Shows, Mines and Museums

Click here for pdf file of map, suitable for printing.

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