If your company were to manage a full-scale advertising sales campaign (grossing, say, $10,000 in ad sales) in order to produce a 32-page, full-color glossy magazine to distribute to (for example) 5,000 attendees of your show, the costs are substantial.

(including tax and delivery)  $5,500

(identity, design, sales strategy, collateral, mailing/postage, faxes, long distance, website)  MINIMUM $2,500

Sales Personnel
(80 hours of sales and sales mgmt. @ $20 per hour)  $1,600 (20% commission on $10,000 in ad sales)  $2,000

Production and Design Personnel
(60 hours @ $20 per hour)   $1,200

Total Cost  $12,800

With this modest scenario your company just lost $2,800, if it was able to manage $10,000 in advertising sales, which most companies cannot or do not have the time to do. Xpo Press covers all of these costs to deliver a high-quality color magazine to you.