Xpo Press publishes 13 gem, mineral and jewelry show guides for a combined 185,000 annual circulation!

When buyers come to a gem show they expect a printed show guide to help them navigate the shows and to provide information about the show dates and hours, floorplans and vendors. This is where Xpo Press steps in. We publish high-quality, full-color gem show guides to assist not only the show attendee but also to provide effective advertising opportunities for shows, vendors, and local businesses. Your company may reserve ad space in nearly any of the gem show guides that Xpo Press publishes. The (add space) trim size and specifications for each guide are the same, so if you reserve an ad in one guide, the same ad can be placed in any other guide without having to redesign or resize your ad. And Xpo Press offers up to 50% off your entire ad cost with special discounts! No publisher in the world offers this type of advertising opportunity to reach so many gem, mineral, fossil and jewelry enthusiasts and buyers. Email Xpo Press to reserve your ad today.

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Annual distribution of Xpo Press’s 185,000 printed gem show guides:


►  141,000 distributed at top gem and mineral shows in the U.S.A. — Tucson, Denver, New York/New Jersey, Quartzsite (AZ), Franklin/Spruce Pine (NC), and Martin Zinn Expos in West Springfield (MA) and Santa Ana (CA) and Tucson.


►  34,000 inserted in the Wall Street Journal and distributed to regional subscribers with an average household net worth of $3.7M, a very good demographic of potiential high-end buyers and investors in Tucson and Phoenix


►  10,000 distributed at top gem and mineral shows in Europe and AsiaMunich, Sainte-Marie, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and other notable international shows.



Click guide images to view full guide:


Tucson EZ-Guide "Black Book" (Mineral, Fossil & Rock Buyers Edition)

Tucson EZ-Guide "White Book" (Gem, Jewelry & Bead Buyers Edition)

Arizona EZ-Guide / Wall Street Journal Insert

Arizona Mineral & Fossil Show "Official Program"

Quartzsite EZ-Guide

Tyson Wells Dealer Directory

NY/NJ EZ-Guide





Click guide images to view full guide:


Gem Show EZ-Guide (Jan-May Edition)

International Gem Show EZ-Guide (June-Dec Edition)

North Carolina EZ-Guide

East Coast Gem & Mineral Show "Official Program"

Tucson EZ-Guide (Sept. Edition)

Denver EZ-Guide

Denver EZ-Guide / Wall Street Journal Insert




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