AGTA GemFair™ Las Vegas

June 1-5, 2017


AGTA GemFair™ Las Vegas /
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Show Venue: Mandalay Bay Convention Center
3950 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Show Date: June 1-5, 2017
Hours: Daily 9:30-6, final day 9:30-4
Admission: Not open to public. Wholesale only. Copy of EIN, Tax ID or business license required with wholesale purchase. May pre-register by going to AGTA website.
No. of Vendors: 212
Show Promoter: American Gem Trade Association (AGTA)
Phone: (214)-742-4367, (800)-972-1162
What you'll find at this year's show:

All jewelry professionals looking to stay on top of the current color trends cannot afford to miss the AGTA GemFair™ at the JCK Show in Las Vegas. Here you will find over 200 exhibitors offering a comprehensive selection of natural colored gemstones, cultured pearls and colored gemstone jewelry that defines color trends. The AGTA GemFair™ opens one day before the main JCK show and closes the same day as the main JCK show. Because the AGTA is an Association dedicated to maintaining the highest ethical standards among its members and within the industry, you can shop the AGTA GemFair™ with complete confidence.

2016 Vendors

Click on the name of vendor for more info:

817A Precision Gem Cutters
411A. Kleiman & Company
619ABC Gems, Inc.
1016Adasco Designs, Inc.
913AG Color, Inc.
610AG Gems, Inc.
415Akiva Gil Company, Inc.
530Alsol Gems, Inc.
405Amba Gem Corporation
122American Gem Trade Association
123American Gemological Laboratories
1117Ammolite By Aurora
333AN Jewels, Inc.
314Andre Assaf / The Tsavorite Factory
537Anil B. Dholakia Inc.
1208Ardsley Int'l, Inc.
836Arise Precious Gems
1200Arthur Groom & Co., Inc. Dba Eternity Natural Emerald
607ASBA USA, Inc.
531Asian Gem Centre, Inc.
1021Aster Jewels, Inc.
400Atlantic Gem Corp
305B & B Fine Gems
611Barker & Company
634BB International, Ltd.
700Beacab Gems, Inc.
938Bead Palace, Inc.
639Best Bargains Division Of Canada, Inc.
1224Best In Gems
636Bijoux Collections
319Bill Gangi Mulitsensory Arts
1206Blue Gems & Beads, Inc.
320Blue Moon Enterprises
115Brasil Color Gems Co.
104Brazilian Gem Source, Inc.
738Bridges Tsavorite
1228Bright Gems & Beads, Inc.
318Brilliant Colors, Inc.
107BTC Gems, Inc.
334BV Gems, Inc.
1127China Stone Co. Ltd.
631Chirag Gems
900Color First
526Colorline, Inc.
1000Columbia Gem House, Inc.
709Commercial Mineral Company
829Cosmos Gems, LLC
920Creative Beads, Inc.
423Crest Gems, Inc.
132D. Elian Corp.
821Deepam, Inc.
100DMM Traders, Inc.
1212Doost Gems, Inc.
330Dowdy Opal
208DS Gems, Inc.
510DSL Pearl, Inc.
1041Dudley Blauwet Gems
204DuftyWeis Opals, Inc.
230Earthstone Co.
431Emerald House, Inc.
615Emkay International, Inc.
1133Enchanted Designs Ltd.
Enchanted Designs
404Equatorian Imports, Inc.
714Evan Caplan
626Exclusive Gems, Inc.
1025Fair Growth Int'l, Inc.
1008Fancy Creations, Inc.
1020Fine Beads, Inc.
527Fine Gems (NY), Inc.
430Fine Imports, Inc.
1028Forever Creations NY, Inc.
131GAD Enterprises
622Gem 2000, Inc.
929Gem Stone USA, Inc., NY
534Gemorex Intl. Inc.
500Gems International Of California
1216Gems Ocean, Inc.
800Gemworld International, Inc.
727Glenn Preus, Ltd.
628Green Rock USA, Inc.
205Hakimi A. & Sons
219Harpaz Gem, Inc. dba Tamir
909Honolulu Company Distributors
108Hopkins Opals
509House of Colors, Inc.
214House of Diamonds, Inc.
505Ijadi Gem, Inc.
522Incon Gems, Inc.
1125India Gems
730Indojewels, Inc.
715Intercolor USA
701International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA)
932Ivey Gemstones
806J & E Gems Corp.
1033Jaco Import Corp.
419Jacob Levian
908Jade by Nikolai
414James Alger Co., Inc.
605Jayson Traurig Bros. of Australia
406Jeffrey Bilgore, LLC
136Joan's Collection
1204John Dyer & Co.
740John J. Bradshaw
518John M. Bachman, Inc.
834JP Pearl & Jewelry, Inc.
710K & K International
300Kaiser Gems
1221Kameyab Imports, Inc.
1116Kanchan Impex, Inc.
1136Kasphul, LLC
310KD Gems & Beads, Inc.
722Kho International, Ltd.
1120Kimarie Designs
211Kimberly Collins Colored Gems
739Krishaili Gems, LLC
105Lee Collins Gems
804Lightning Opals, Inc.
315Lothar Haag America, Inc.
127Lucky Gems & Jewelry Fty., Ltd.
820Lucky Star Jewelry Inc.
937Lucoral & Lupearl Group /New York Jewelry Mart Corporation
905Madagascar Imports, Ltd.
322Maharaja Jewels, Inc.
311Malhotra, Inc.
515Manak Jewels, Inc.
1024Mariyam Jewels USA, Inc. dba Mariyam Gems
1005Mayer & Watt
135Michael Couch & Associates
1100Michael Schofield & Co.
439Mittal Brothers, Inc.
116Mobu Gems, Inc.
614Monalisa Gems, Inc.
1112Nancy Johnson
623Nice Minerals, Inc.
426NIG Corporation
1140Nomad's Lapidary Co., Inc.
433NRI Gems, Inc.
833Oberon & Caswell, Inc.
511Omi Gems, Inc.
917Opulent Mineral, LLC
119Oriental Arts Co.
813Original Gems, Inc.
1029P. Intercontinental, Inc.
514Pala International, Inc.
222Pearl Exporting Co.
304Penn Gem International
824Pentagon Gem Cutters
1032Perlen Yukie Inc. USA
331PH Gems International
904Philip Zahm Designs
734Pillar & Stone International, Inc.
723Pioneer Gems
1220Praveen Imports, Inc.
1113Precious Pebbles Inc
726Precious Trade, Inc.
704Premier Color Source, Inc.
912Prijems, Inc.
837Prima Gems USA, LLC
1122Primus Jewels, Inc.
1128Quality Dia Jewels, Inc.
434Rainbow Ratan Co. Inc.
718Raja Jewels, Inc.
427Rare Earth Mining Co.
424Rare Gem, The, LLC
828Rare Gemstones, Inc.
326Rare Multicolor Gems, Inc.
1205Real Gems, Inc.
1219Reko Enterprises, Inc.
1004RH & Company
1036RMC Gems, Inc.
209Robert Shapiro
600Rod Griffin Boulder Opals
1237Rough Diamond World
1104Royal Gems, Inc.
323Royal India USA, Inc.
627Royal Touch, LLC
335RS Importing Co., Ltd.
921S & S Gems
410Sara Gem Corporation
418Scott Spurling
218Shaun Gems International
735Sheahan Stephen Sapphires
814Shivam Imports
133Shree Gems Inc.
422Siman-Tov Brothers
1235SJ Pearl, Inc.
306Sparkles and Colors USA, Inc./Lakhi Gems Group
215SPB Gems, Inc./SPB Creations
840Splendid Company
210Stanton Color
1009Star Gems & Beads, Inc.
809Starlanka Fine Gems, Inc.
928Sunwest Silver Co., Inc.
635Taj Company
1013Takat Gems USA, Inc.
223Tejsons Gemstones International, Inc.
618Temple Trading Company
231Tiara Pearl International
504Tim Roark, Inc.
535Tosco International
523Tresor Jewelry, Inc.
805TriColor Gems, Inc.
731Trillion Emerald, Inc.
111Vettri Gems USA, Inc. dba Taj Mahal Gems
604Vinod Kotahwala, Inc.
235Vista Gems
435Vora Gems, Inc.
226White Cloud Co.
130World Trading Services N.Y., Inc.
1105Yen's Jewelry & Accessories

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