QIA PowWow Gem
& Mineral Show

January 20-24, 2016

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2015 Quartzsite EZ-Guide (Online Flipbook)


QIA PowWow Gem
& Mineral Show /
Quartzsite, Arizona, USA

Show Venue: Quartzsite Improvement Association
235 E. Ironwood Ave.
Quartzsite, Arizona, USA
Show Date: January 20-24, 2016
Hours: Daily 9-6, final day 9-5.
Meals will be served in the cafeteria from 7-7, daily, final day 7-5.
Admission: Free and open to the public.
No. of Vendors: 265
Show Promoter: Quartzsite Improvement Association
Contact: Sandy King, Office Dates & Hours: Nov. 1, 2014 - Jan. 3, 2015: 9am to noon Jan. 6 - 31, 2015: 9am to 4pm Feb. 1 - April 1, 2015: 9am to noon
Phone: (928) 927-6325

2015 Vendors

Click on the name of vendor for more info:

548E, 549EAbalone King
517-518ABC Rox
97-99Afghan Gems - Faraidoon Hamidy
418-420Agates with Inclusions.com
14-16Al Ray's Indian Jewelry
501EAlaska Horn And Antler
377Alexey Elshin
276-78Amazing Rocks & Minerals
378Amber America
117-121Ameritool, Inc.
114-16Ariana Gems & Minerals
357-359Arizona Desert Ice
371-72Armando Custom Rock Cutters
317Art as a Rock
425Artesanias De Jalisco Bani
465-68Baker's Rocks & Relics
337EBarnhouse Lapidary
202-03Barry Mercer Minerals
110-13BC Lithics & Ivory
220Beads & Crafts, Inc
301Beads 101
63-64Bench-Mark Studio
5-7, 423-24Better Than Dads Beads
391E-394EBFD USA, Inc.
263E-265EBig Dog Opal & Gems
171-72Bob Criss /Custom Creations
430-31Bob Fleischfersser
173-74Brendan Davidson
252Bright Star Gemstones
67-69Broken Arrow Mining Co.
492-93Burtis Blue Turquoise
407-09Bustin Glass & Minerals
475Butch's Rocks & Gems
534-35C & B Lapidary
398ECabin Fever Arts
12, 40, 114Cabinet Mountain Lapidary
298Candy's Earth Treasures
196Carefree Chrysocolla
279-80Carl John Shugart
17-18Carol Whearty
446E-447ECarter's Creations
435-37Chavez Minerals
404China Hollow Picture Rock
275Christopher Anthony Jewelry Design
519Cilor Minerals
405-06Creations In Rocks And Beads
255E-258ECRS Grippers
541-42Daggett's Jewelry & Stoneworks
182Danilo Navarro
320-21David Walblom's Lapidary Tools & Supplies
100-101Desert Beads & Silver
8-10, 285E, 297EDesert Canyon Mines
197Desert Gems Jewelry
403Desert Rock & Wood
502EDevine Designs
283EDichroic Lady, The
477Dine' Art
230-31Dog Valley Rock Shop
177-78Don Griffeth
59-60Dona's T.P. Jewelry
469-70Donna H. Jiran Designs
335E-336EDoug Stratton
299-300Dry Fire
159Dwarves Earth Treasures and Blue Star Trader
22-25E & A Jewelers
1-2Earth Dance
218Earth Family Crystals
416-17Elk Grove Mining
3-4Exquisite Gems & Jewelry
236E-38EFiddler's Ridge Rock Shop
503E-504EFrank Fitch
65-6Freda's Creations
51-2Fresh Beginnings Enterprise
221-222Gary Pollack
379-81Gathering of Spirits
539-40Gem Shop, Inc., The
349Gem Stone Station
511E-514Gems & Opal
440E-441EGems 4 U
289E-293EGems A Plenty
456Gems Of The Earth
208Gemstone Treasures
281-82Global Products
350-51Gold 'N Oak Designs
370H & I Lapidary
154Harex International
37-40Heirloom Enterprises Co
328E-29EHigh Desert Gems & Minerals
463-64Indiana Rock Farm
201Infinite Rhythms LLC
145, 150-53J & L Mining & Minerals
192-93Jacques Chabot Collection
102-3Janu Gems
223-24Jay Barkley
382Jeff Lines
352-54Jeremy Berg
455Jewelry by Ted
558EJHF Stones
19-21Joe & Marly Ferrera
538John & Betty Larson
53-54John & Evelyn Chavez
96John's Casting
432-34Johnson Brothers Lapidary
384-386EJS Gems
536-37Jurassic Agate
395E-97E, 126-27Kai's Cabs & Slabs
338E-40EKal Rocks & Minerals
334EKalipay/Michelle's Shellcraft
438-39Kluey's Gems
209-12Larimar International
200Larry Fullwood
422Laserwolf Silver
185Last Berber, The
190-91Little Precious
225-29Lord Robert Black
55-56Love Harmony, Inc.
26-28Luceros Navajo Trail
286E-87ELucky Strike Mine
189Madagascar Imports, Ltd.
131-33Magic Stones
304-305Malachite & Gems of Africa
302Mariel Cristofar Jewelry
239-40Martin Fossils
319Melissa Otteson
181Mendocino Memories
506E-508EMenschee LLC
179-80Mexican Fire Agate
527Mexican Turquoise Co.
476, 532-33Mia Mia Mining & Mfg.
11-13Michele's Rock Picks
399E-401EMike Mobley
294EMile High Minerals
253E-54EMineral Enterprises
530-31Minerals from Mexico
204Miners Gallery
374Molten Gold
232E-34EMorocco To You
480-82Morphed Rock Jewelry
544-45Natural Expressions, Inc.
462Natures Nuggets
313NJN Enterprises, LLC
505ENoelle Smith
41-43Northwest Passage/Westcoast Mining
213Nuevo Mundo Imports
205-07OEX Traders Club
288EOhio Flint Works
107-09One Of A Kind Designer Cabochons
330EOpal Guy
128-30Opal My World
235EOpals Romero, Inc.
387EOregon State Gems Inc.
427-29Oscar Torrecillas
57-58Otteson Turquoise
444E-45EOur Best Rocks
364Owyhee Sunset Mines
246-47Pauls Custom Cabs
411-12Petrified Lumberyard
355-56Phil's Minerals
383PJ Originals
499E-500EPlazma Cutting Oil
123-25Poor Boys
332E-33EPrentiss Campbell
48-49Quartzsite Improvement Association
325, 344-45Quartzsite Roadrunner Gem and Mineral Club
311-12R & J Enterprises
284ERainbow Connection
214-15Rare Earth Trading Co., The
410Rare Rock Shop
452E-53ERed Sky Minerals
348Reptiles Sculptures
483-85Revelations in Stone
365-68Riandance Traders
509E-10ERick's Gems & Minerals
486Robert Topolse
413-14Robertsons Rock Works
50Rock & Gem Magazine
29-32Rock Art
448E-450ERockhound Art
259E-62ERocks 4 Life, Inc.
187-88Rocks By Deigo
547Rocks to Riches
216-17Rocky Dreams
494-95Rocky Scarrow
341E-43ES & S Gold & Diamond Exchange
306-10S & S Lapidary
520SE Sherratt
147-49Shadow Rocks
158Shark Tooth Lee
251Shirley Kelley
175-76Silver Hill Creations
61-62, 70Ski's Custom Designing
451ESkyes Gem & Minerals
219Smilodon Resources, LLC
104-06Solid Rock Jade
44-47Spencer Opal Mines
490-91Stan Norgaard
314-16Stan The Opal Man
164-68Sticks n Stones
183-84Stoneworks, The
557ESwordfish Mining
515Taylor Theodore Handicraft
318Thomas Jewelry
94-95TJC Homes
273-74Todd Evans
33-36Trader Barb
241-43Two Sisters Rock Shop
459-61TZ Displays
326-27Unique Russian Minerals
521-24Utah Septarian Treasures
162-63Velvet Cactus/Morning Star Turquoise
487-89Village Silversmith, Ltd
186Virginia Comito
554E-56EW. Carmona Rocks
553EWalt Harrison
266E-68EWalter M. Johnson
303Washington Rocks
322-24Wild Spirit
331EWormtown Trading Company
194Yazzie Art & Craft - Concessions
525-26Zuni Trading Post

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