Arizona Mineral & Fossil Show at HTCC

January 28 - February 11, 2017


Arizona Mineral & Fossil Show at HTCC /
Tucson, Arizona, USA

Show Venue: Hotel Tucson City Center
475 N. Granada Ave.
Tucson, Arizona, USA
Show Date: January 28 - February 11, 2017
Hours: Daily 10-6, final day 10-5
HTCC Silver & Copper Ballrooms will be open January 28 - February 10, 2016
Admission: Free and open to the public. Wholesale and retail. Copy of tax ID, EIN or business license required with wholesale purchase.
No. of Vendors: 296
Show Promoter: Martin Zinn Expositions LLC
What you'll find at this year's show:

Red Route #1 & #2
January 30 - February 13, 10 a.m.–7 p.m., 20 minute intervals
Stops: Red Route #1-Hotel Tucson City Center to Ramada Limited
Red Route #2-Hotel Tucson City Center, Mineral & Fossil Marketplace, and Ramada Limited

Emerald Route
anuary 30 - February 13, 10 a.m.–6 p.m., 20 minute intervals
Stops: Hotel Tucson City Center, Ramada Limited, Days Inn, Howard Johnson, and Simpson Street Parking HUB


More Arizona Mineral & Fossil Show locations:
•  Ramada Limited

2016 Vendors

Click on the name of vendor for more info:

112AAA Minerals Int.
BR-14AAPS-Assoc. of Applied Paleo. Sciences
S-241Adelaide Mining Co., The
S-323Aerolite Meteorites /Meteorite Men
T-21aAfrican Arts & Minerals, Inc - Mikolo Kabamba
T-21Agates by Rock of Ages
S-223Agates from Argentina
S-269Al-Rehman Gems & Minerals
167Alan's Quality Minerals
S-237Alexander Efimenko
AG-CN-1, AG-SA-2Alexanders Jewelers
S-340Alfredo Petrov - Japan
173Alpine Mineral Company
124Alvaro Lucio Minerals - Brazil
176, T-2bAmatistas Uruguay
L-6Amber America
300Amber and Larimar by Jim Work
S-334Andrey's Spectrolite LTD
AG-SA 4Angela Conty Designs
S-245Apex Fine Minerals
T-19Aradon Pty. Ltd. Perth
402Ausrox / Crystal Universe
151Australian Minerals And Fossils
S-267Axinite PM - Russia
S-229Baltic Research
S-208Barnett Fine Minerals
S-249-50BC Meteorites
BR-11aBlack Cat Mountain Trilobites
BR-21Black Hills Institute
177Bruce Wood Minerals
412Bud Ehrle Geological
S-337Bulgarian Minerals & Gems Co.
146Butterflies By God
BR-19Canada Fossils Ltd.
S-333Capetown Matrix Crystals
S-203Caplette Lapidary
123Carion Minerals
138, S-238Carlos Menezes Minerais
309Cecile Collection Inc.
201Changsha Shiyuantang Jewelry
106Chatta Malachite - Congo
S-234Cherohala Trading
S-233Chinese American Art
BR-7Clive Queit
S-251Club Mineral Russia / St. Petersburg
170-71, L-1Collector's Edge Minerals, Inc.
S-324Comet Meteorite Shop
149, BR-11bCornerstone Minerals
S-215Corrado Vietti
T-32Crate Guys, The
169Crystal Circle, LLC, The
ER, MICrystal Classics Fine Minerals
S-232Crystal Habit
T-03Crystal Junction
BU, L-2Crystal Springs Mining & Jewelry Co
T-24, T-24a, 136Crystal World & Prehistoric Journeys
S-336Crystar Gem Minerals China
L-7Custom LED Display Lights
BR-17Custom Paleo
L-8Cut Edge Gems
423D & M Rock & Gem
156Dai’s Rock Shop
S-270Deccan Minerals, Inc.
S-321Del Rey Agates
420Dinosaurs Down Under
185Disten Ltd.
128Donald K. Olson & Assoc
317, BR-02Earth Science International
S-244Earth's Treasures
S-282Eegooblago Meteorites
184ELKK Meteorites
103ET Meteorites
BR-22Ethiopian Opal Exporter
218Excel Gems & Minerals
424Exotic Minerals Of Russia
164, S-266Fabre Minerals
BR-5Fender Natural Resources
BR-8Fenn's Gems & Minerals
S-240Fine Art Minerals
S-275Fine Chinese Mineral-Honglin Museum
AG-P1Floating Stones
311, T-13-14Fossilien Galerie Bad Homburg
312Fossilien Galerie Manfred Wolf
118From Stone Age To Space Age
S-283Gao Duan Mineral & Gem Museum
AG-CN-4Gem & Gold Creations
157, T-36Gem Connection, Inc.
149Gemas N.O., Inc.
121Gemini Minerals
T-29Gems & Mineral Depot
BR-15Geoff Thomas Fossils
147Geofil - LDA
419Geometa Ltda - Brazil
185, S-247-48Geonica, Inc.
152GeoScience Industries
162Ginkgo Gem Shop
S-210Global Minerals & Crystals
301-02Global Treasures
S-325Gold Bugs Trilobites
422Gold Nuggets Exports
183Gordian Minerals
417Great Basin Minerals
S-271Great Wall Mineral Museum
166Green Mountain Minerals, LLC
T-11/12Green River Stone Company
150Grenville Minerals
176Gustavo Barreneche
S-249-50Habibi Meteorites
AG-CN-5Hard Works
427HK Meteorites- Uruguay
AG-SA 1Horizon Mineral & Lapidary
S-219Houghton Estate Sales / Michigan Native Copper
183Howard Merk Minerals
S-281Huanqiu Crystal Mineral Museum
S-288Hunan Sinophile Mineral Museum
S-322Impactika Meteorites
S-226In The Beginning Fossils
AG-SA 3Indus Valley Commerce
BR-6Infinity Trading
BR-18Inside Passage Arts
122Intergeoresource Ltd.
S-200It Stoned Me Minerals
HEIteco, Inc
S-236Jaroslav Hyrsl
130Jeanne's Rock Shop
BRG-1Jewel Tunnel Imports
S-268Jinan Chinese Mineral Trading Co., Ltd.
T-18JK Stone
186John Cornish Minerals
S-235John E. Garsow Gems & Minerals
172John Seibel Minerals
109JR Minerals
S-273Jungle Buyer, The
S-286Keshav Trading Company
T-15Keweenaw Gem & Gift, Inc.
S-242Khyber Mineral Co.
429Kilian Collection, The
178-179Komodo Dragon
BR-20Korite International
159La Concha
307La Mémoire de la Terre SARL
S-206La Spirale Du Temps
118Labenne Meteorites
317, T-28Le Stage Minerals
S-265Le Sueur Minerals & Gems
S-272Lehmann Minerals
AG-P0Leo Atkinson Studio
181, T-31Lindgren Fossils LLC
GMLithographie, LLC (Lapis International)
304Little Big Stone
318-19LowCountry Geologic
320Luis Burillo Minerals
158M. Jentsch Minerals & Rough Stones
T-33Madagascar Specimens
173Majestic Minerals
160Malachite & Gems of Africa
102Marjan Fossils & Minerals
316Matrix India Minerals
404-06Maxilla & Mandible, Ltd.
S-212McCarthy’s Fossils
S-239McNeil’s Minerals
S-264Meteorite Collection
BR-10Midwest Minerals
L-4Mike Hoffman
161Mine Invest Brazil Ltda.
T-1Mineral & Fossil Supply
Mineral & Fossil Supply
T-2aMineral Alltrade International
425Mineral Décor
167Mineral Movies
BR-3Mineralogical Almanac
BR-3Mineralogical Record Magazine
S-335Minerals & Collectors’ Gems
S-274Minerals Sarai - Japan
T-34Minerama USA
180Mo's Meteorites
2-204Mohammad Akbar Jewellery Stone
101Moldavite Mining
BR-24Mountain Mark Trading
154Mountain Minerals Int'l.
134, T-2a, T-7Moussa Minerals & Fossils
303Murph's Petrified Wood
207Mystic Crystal & Mineral Traders
S-209Naked Matrix Minerals
S-205Natural Selection Crystals
AG-P3Nature's Art 2000
S-280Nayab Gems & Minerals
PENew Era Gems
125Nooristan Crystal Hunter
T-9Norcross-Madagascar (US) LLC
305-06Nord Fossil - Germany
S-224North Rose Trade International
119North Star Minerals
T-20Onyx & Antler Gallery
121Open Adit West
S-218Pak Gems & Minerals
S-228PakAfghan Minerals, LLC
BR-13PaleoSearch, Inc.
111Pani Meteorites, Minerals & Fossils
415Patagonia Minerals - Argentina
417Paul William Bell
S-231Peak Valley Gems & Minerals
408-10Peter Muller Stonecarvings
182, S-284Pinnacle 5 Minerals, LLC
132Piritas de Navajun
AG-P2Pitas Pens
168Polychrom Minerals
105Porte du Sahara - Morocco
S-252-53Primme Minerals
S-287Profit LLC - Mammoth & Mastodon
S-279Quality Minerals
T-4/5Raj Minerals Inc.
104Ramos Mineral's SRL
314Red Beryl Co.
S-225Richard Shupe Minerals
S-224Riveria Gems & Minerals
416-18RJB Rock Shop
S-326-27Rock Decor
BR-4Rocko Minerals & Jewelry, Inc.
BR-3Rocks & Minerals Magazine
S-247-48Russian Minerals Co.
S-234Ryan Smith Minerals
BR-6, T22Sahara Overland
427Sahara Sand
S-220Samora Minerals & Amber Co.
AG-P5Schaezle Art Inc.
S-255Scovil Photography
S-243Self-A-Ware Minerals
S-214Sergey Demin
S-227SGI Minerals Ltd.
S-254ShiCheng Mineral & Jewelry
T-17Shree Sai Minerals
S-211Sibi’s Rare Crystals
315Southern African Minerals
S-278, AG-P4Sphere's To You
MSAN, MSAN-CtrStardust by Meelheim & Scott
110Stone Age Gifts
S-210Stone Linkers, The
S-276Stoneworld, Ltd. - Russia
S-246Sumayer Gems
142Sunnywood Collection, Inc., The
S-285Swan Lake Gems Holdings Pty. Ltd.
S-331Syed Trading Co
310Sztacho - Petr Sztacho
BR-11aTerra Trilobites
S-329-30Throwin' Stones
126, T-126Tideline
BR-15Tom Witherspoon Fossils
BR-2Top Shelf Minerals
BR-24Tower Gallery
T-30Tresor De L’Atlasse
S-328Trilobites of America
L-5Tucson Store Fixtures
Tucson Store Fixtures
107-08Tynsky's Fossil Fish Inc.
144UK Mining Ventures
BR-12Ulrich's Fossil Gallery
Ulrich's Fossil Gallery
202Universal Minerals
T-8Valenzuela’s Minerals
165Valere Berlage Minerals
409, 411Vasconcelos - Brazil
T-25/26Vasconcelos-Multigemas Do Brasil
155Viacheslav Kalachev Meteorites
S-332Viacheslav Skornyakov Meteorites
188Voelter Fine Minerals
S-216-17Warfield Fossil Quarries / Warfield Case Company
S-215Webminerals S.A.S.
414Wendel Minerals
421Wendy's Minerals Co.
114-15West Coast Mining
163Whitney's Rocks to Gems
T-6Wild West Rock & Jewelry Co.
T-35Wilson's Pedras
T-27Xin Gui Rock Shop
120XTAL - Dennis Beals Minerals
S-277Yi Jing Mineral Jewelry Shop
S-338-39Yury Pustov Minerals
187Zeb Mineralien
AG-CN = Artists Gallery-Conquistador Room (upstairs)
AG-P = Artists Gallery-Kiddie Pool Area
AG-SA = Artists Gallery-St. Augustine Room (upstairs)
BR = Ballroom
BRG = Gold Ballroom
ER = Exercise Room
BU = Buckley Room
GM = General Manager’s Office
HE = Heidel
L = Lobby
MI = Mission Room
PA = Parkview Room
PE = Pershing Room
S = Second Floor
T = Tent

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