International Gem Show Directory

20000 circulation


International Gem Show Directory (formerly International Gem Show EZ-Guide)

The International Gem Show Directory is the most complete, comprehensive, updated and accurate "printed database" — a binannual almanac — of gem, mineral, rock, fossil, jewelry and bead shows in the world. 20,000 directories — 10,000 distributed January through June, and another 10,000 June through December — are distributed at the largest and most important gem and mineral shows in the world, shows that attract the world's best sellers and buyers of gemstones, minerals and fossils. Distribution of the Directory begins each January with 1,000 distributed at the Quartzsite Rock & Mineral Showcase and into February with 7,000 distributed all the top shows in Tucson. 

Distribution of the Gem Show Directory continues for the following 10 months at the most important gem and mineral shows in the world. 

January - June Edition (10,000 circulation)
Quartzsite Showcase (Jan.-Feb.), 1,000 
Tucson Showcase (Jan.-Feb.), 7,000
• NY/NJ Show (April), 300
Hong Kong Mineral Fair, China (April), 500
Franklin, N.C., Showcase (May), 500
West Coast Show, Santa Ana, Calif. (May), 200
TIMA, Tokyo, Japan (June), 500

June - December Edition (10,000 circulation)
Sainte-Marie-aux Mines, France (June), 1,600
Franklin, N.C., Showcase (July), 500
East Coast Show, West Springfield, Mass. (Aug.), 300
• Tucson Fall Gem Shows (Sept.), 300
Denver Showcase (Sept.), 2,400
The Munich Show, Germany (Oct.), 4,200
West Coast Show, Santa Ana, Calif. (Nov.), 200
Expominer, Barcelona, Spain (Nov.), 500