Link your website, one of the most important assets of your business, from Xpo Press's website by purchasing and posting your banner ad on the Xpo Press web pages of your choice. There are over 10,000 pages on which you may place your banner ad, combining for over 1.4 million annual pageviews. his site is visited annually by 442,000 viewers who logged over 600,000 sessions, making it the most visited site in the world by audiences who want updated and accurate gem show and vendor information.

• These figures are for the one-year period prior to the Covid shutdown of all the shows — April 2019 through April 2020. After the shutdowns, we stopped putting show information on the website until May 2021, and the site saw a 40% decrease in views. Since we started updating the show dates, we've already seen an upturn in viewership and we're fully confident the views will get back to pre-Covid figures in 2021-22.

Banner Ad Sizes & Web-Ready Specifications

If you’re creating your online banner ad it must be created at 72 dpi static .gif or .jpg files. Though a few animated banner ads are posted on this site (files in Adobe Flash or files with rotating frames) we do not recommend them. Static banners, we believe, are more likely to be clicked through. All files must be RGB, not CMYK. Four banner ad sizes are offered:


Full Screen / Horizontal / 1200 X 800 pixels 

Top of Page / Vertical / 250 X 900 pixels

Middle of Page / Vertical / 400 X 800 pixels

Right Column / Square / 180 X 180 pixels

Banner Ad Rates

We don't sell individual pages on the Xpo Press website on which to post your banner ad, but we sell Sections of pages called "Showcases" or "Regions" (as you'll see on the PDF linked below). Showcase Sections consist of show pages that are all in the same town or city on the same dates (like Tucson, Denver, Quartzsite, Franklin, etc.). Regional Sections consist of show pages that are all in the same geographical U.S. region throughout the year (like Rocky Mountain, Southwest States, Pacific Northwest, etc.). Ad rates and the duration of ad placement are quarterly, in other words, your ad is placed on the pages in the Section you purchase for three months for the rate you pay. Each size banner ad on each web page has a limit of four ads that rotate with every new entrance to the page.

Up to 43% OFF is awarded in discounts. 3% OFF for early-payment made within 7 days after invoicing, combined with MULTIPLE AD DISCOUNTS* of 5% OFF for reserving 2 Sections, 10% OFF for 3 Sections, 15% OFF for 4 Sections,  20% OFF for 5 Sections, 22.5% OFF for 6-7 Sections, 25% OFF for 8-9 Sections, and 40% OFF for 10 or more Sections!

Email Brad for questions about banner ad sales and specifications.

Ad rates for all Online Banner Advertising (PDF)