Linda Baker - 8/6/2019
Dear Friends,
      Our plans changed drastically this week and we will not be in Denver Sept.6-14 for the JG&M EXPO. Tuesday morning Danny took a really bad fall down some steps at our house. We had had a heavy rain and the steps were very slick. His feet went out from under him and he hit hard on the corner edge of one of the treads, then tumbled/slid the rest of the way down. After a CT scan at the hospital we found out he had 5 broken ribs. They kept him overnight for observation because there was some internal bleeding in the chest wall. He is fine other being in excruciating pain and we are back home. So after much considering, we decided we had to cancel the Denver show. It is just too soon after this injury.  Life throws you curve balls sometimes. We were looking forward to seeing some of you at this show, but there is no other option for us this time.
    We were working on some really cool pieces and will post pictures as we finish to tempt you, since we will not be there in person.  Hoping you are somewhere out of the heat and not experiencing any hardships. We all will enjoy the coming of the Fall.
There will be plenty of good dealers at this show from all over the world. This is one of our favorite shows of the year for buying material and we will sorely miss it!
    Dan & Linda Baker