The Denver Show at the National Western Complex will be held on September 10-19, 2021. Last year, in September 2020, half of The Denver Show's dealers cancelled due to COVID-19, but they are returning for this year’s show, and many of those who did come in 2020 are enlarging their booths this year. Plus, another 40 new dealers are registered, so the 2021 show will be at least twice as big — and the biggest in this show's history.

If you couldn’t make it last year, then you might not know that the dealers moved out of the Denver Coliseum and into the larger, more modern Events Center at the National Western Complex. That’s the building with the green awning 1,000 feet (400 steps) north of the Coliseum, across I-70. Now there's even more free parking. However, The Denver Show will have more tents than ever before and they're retaining the Coliseum parking lot to make it convenient for customers to visit the Southwest Tents.

The Denver Show is a free event centered upon the massive National Western Complex (NWC) with its three levels and the adjacent Events Center with two levels and the tents in between. Here you can peruse a gigantic array of fine mineral specimens, fossils, dinosaurs, gems, gemstones, lapidary, cabochons, artisan & antique jewelry, beads, crystals, meteorites, metaphysical, gold, silver, turquoise, Native American items, art, miner’s rough, tools, supplies, customized services, and so much, much more!

The Denver Show, combined with the two other shows occurring simultaneously at the National Western Complex — the Denver Expo Gem Show, owned and operated by AS Shows, and the Miner's Co-op Show, is the largest single mineral, fossil, gem and jewelry show venue in the United States. Browse nine miles of tables and 500,000 square feet of covered space. The show hosts 500 dealers of all sizes, from 100 sq. foot booths all the way up to 5,000 sq. foot anchor dealers. It's bigger than four Walmarts and a lot more fun! Tons of free parking and admission is free.

New for 2021!  Level 3 is reserved for dealers who display the majority of their items in glass showcases. It is the place for exquisite mineral specimens, gems and gemstones, fine and artisan jewelry, rare fossils, gold, crystals of distinction, handmade knives, and so much more. In addition, specially chosen artists will adorn the walls of their booths with their art. Plus, there is a separate room for just business-to-business sales. 

Brought to you by Eons Expos and promotional partner AS Shows. Eons Expos also presents the Tucson 22nd Street Show every Jan / Feb and the NJ Show every May. And AS Shows also presents the Tucson Kino Gem & Mineral Show. Both the 22nd Street Show and the Kino Show art two of the largest and most established shows of the annual Tucson Gem, Mineral & Fossil Showcase.