Brad Hicks, Xpo Press Publisher - 1/21/2022

A new book hot off the press will be premiering at two shows in Tucson next month — AGTA GemFair™ Tucson and the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show®. The book is titled Carved Gems: Inspiration and Expertise by Helen Serras-Herman, an award-winning gem and jewelry artist and National Lapidary Hall of Fame inductee. Helen shares her passion for carved gems, the interconnection between fine art and the spell-bounding natural mineral world, and her personal journey, along with the challenges and joys of a gem artist’s life. Helen reflects on her sources of inspiration and influences from historical places, mines, gem materials, landscapes, flora, and ancient Greek mythological figures.


Helen shares her 39-year accumulated knowledge of necessary tools and equipment for gem carving, and the lapidary steps that take a rock from rough to a finished piece of sculpture or jewelry. She offers tips on pricing gem artwork, commission works, her favorite gemstones, selecting gem rough materials, and on navigating the Quartzsite and Tucson gem mega-shows.


Readers will be captivated by Helen’s autobiographical story that is so closely intertwined with her art, inspired by her descriptions, educated about her methods, mesmerized by her images, and  compelled to create, embrace, collect, wear, study, and fall in love with gem artwork.


Helen brings her expertise and unique writing style which she often shares in articles published in Xpo Press's EZ-Guides, and we are thrilled to be co-publishers on her book.


Helen will have the books available at her booths at the AGTA GemFair™ Tucson, Booth #3201 (February 1-6) and the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show® Booth #1601 (February 10-14). Both shows are held at the Tucson Convention Center, 260 S. Church Street.