Eons Expos - 3/1/2022
Aloha! We would like to introduce the new Honolulu Mineral, Fossil, Gem and Jewelry Show. It is brought to you by the founders of the Denver Show, the 22nd Street Show, and the NJ Show, which are the three most-attended mineral, fossil, gem and jewelry shows in the USA. That was achieved and sustained with massive advertising campaigns unmatched by any other show in the business. How big is "massive"?  About two-thirds of dealers' booth fees will go towards the advertising campaign.
This show will take place November 10-12, 2023, at the Hawaii Convention Center in Honolulu . Currently, 68 dealers have registered for the show since the first announcement of the show in early February. But it needs at least 100 dealers to ensure a successful launch. If this opportunity is of interest to you, please demonstrate that interest by registering for free here, so that the show can be assured of a critical mass. The show operators have already begun the 1,000-hour time investment to craft the advertising campaign, negotiate with freight companies, arrange hotel options, build the floor plan, finish the website, engage security, hire a bookkeeper, import showcases, retain legal expertise, buy software, organize island day-trips, and the dozens of other tasks required to launch this new event in a way to guarantee maximum impact.
A trip to Honolulu every November? Plus this ...

• Combine a tax-deductible business trip with pleasure
• A mid-scale hotel that is less than $190/night including all taxes
• Shipping a pallet via UPS begins at $450, delivered to the venue
• 100,000 tourists visit Honolulu every week
• 1+ million people live within twenty miles of the venue 
• Hawaii has never had a major mineral, fossil, gem and jewelry show
• The show is planned around a $1,000 booth price for the first 100 dealers, and ticket prices of $10 adult / $5 child
• With 100 dealers participating, the show brochure will get into 50% of all island homes; with 200 dealers the brochure will reach every home on the island and stocked in all hotel brochure racks, in both English and Japanese. Social media will play a large part as well.

Be one of the first 100 dealers to demonstrate interest, then choose your booth in the order of your sign-up. Please register here.