R. Ford - 9/10/2022
#GemAd Member - Denver Fall Showcase
Look at these photos from The RMGM Promotions Colorado Mineral and Fossil Fall Show, September 9-17, 2022. The show is part of the Denver fall showcase in Colorado. To learn more about this show you can visit their profile on our website:
Some of the CMFS staff: Dee Gonzales, Susan Gardner, and show owner Sandra Gonzales.
Claude and Claudia Kraemer of Moldavite / TW Designs.
At left, one of the hourly prize winners at CMFS! At right, Taomi, owner/operator of Minec Minerals from Brazil.
Brian Eberhardie and Kendal Martyn of Moussa Minerals & Fossils.
Customer eyeing onyx spheres at Vicjon Enterprises.
Justin ZZyzx, owner of Top Gem Minerals.
Scott Luers and Bre Coulthard of Pinnacle 5 Minerals.
John Issa of Canada Fossils/Korite displaying a huge ammonite fossil called Ammolite.
Idar Leon of MineraliA stands behind massive onyx bowls from Mexico.
Bhavi Bafna of Natural Creations USA.

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