Why would Xpo Press publish five guides for the tiny town of Quartzsite, Arizona?

Because Quartzsite is home of one of the largest rock and gem showcases in the ... World! That's right, little Quartzsite hosts one of the largest showcases of its kind not just in the U.S. but in the world. Read Brad Hicks' article in the 2013-14 International EZ-Guide ("Gem 'Showcase' Towns of the United States," p. 16). Over 400 rock, gem, and mineral dealers pack up their trucks and RVs and head to Quartzsite every winter to sell at the four big rock and mineral shows there — the Desert Gardens Show, Tyson Wells Show, QIA Pow Wow, and Prospectors Panorama. Simultaneously, the nation's "real" rockhounds also flock by the tens of thousands to Quartzsite during show time to not only buy treasures but to meet up with age-old friends at this annual reunion of tried-and-true rock lovers. And Xpo Press? Well, as everyone knows, where there are lots of rocks and minerals being bought and sold, Xpo Press is right there assisting the show promoters, dealers and vendors, and local businesses with effective, affordable online and print advertising (both free and paid); and at the same time offering helpful services to rock, gem and mineral buyers, collectors, enthusiasts and show-goers with well-organized gem show guides and this unparalleled gem-show website to help them navigate every aspect of the shows.