2024 Vendors (155):

Mineral City
1000 B.C. Gems
Location: G3
Adelaide Mining Co., The
Location: D27-29
Products: Adelaide Mine Crocite - Crocoite Australia - Mixed Mineral Specimens
Alan's Quality Minerals, LLC

Location: A13A

Products: Meteorite - Minerals - Sparkly Quartz
Alfredo's Rocks
Location: LFP12
Alvaro Lucio Minerals
Location: B6
Location: B1
Anton Watzl Minerals
Location: D27-29
Products: Minerals
Arkenstone, The

Location: LFP11, LFP13

Products: Gem Crystals - Natural Interior Decor - Rare Fine Minerals
Arkfeld Minerals

Location: E3

Products: Mineral Specimens - Rhodochrosite/Hidalgo, Mexico
Aurora Mineral Corp
Location: MV5
Products: Rhodochrosite
Ausrox / Crystal Universe
Location: LFP1
Products: Fine Minerals - Gold Specimens - Meteorites
Axinite LLC
Location: D9
Barnett Fine Minerals
Location: D34
Bergmann Minerals, Inc.
Location: MV3
Big Rock Minerals
Location: MV3
Location: D6
Bruce Wood Minerals
Location: D21
Canyon Colors
Location: LFP19
Capistrano Mining Co.
Location: C12
Products: Benitoite - Montana Sapphires - Oregon Sunstone - Yogo Sapphire
Chris Lohmann
Location: E14
Collector's Edge Minerals, Inc.
Location: SG11-12
Collector's Stope, The
Location: LFP5
Products: Mineral Specimens
Cornerstone Minerals
Location: SG4-5
Products: Colombian Emeralds
Cristalle by Ricardo Prato
Location: A13B
Crystal Cantina
Location: A19
Crystal Circle, LLC, The
Location: D33
Crystal Classics Fine Minerals
Location: A1
Location: D3
DanZ RockShop

Location: E12
Dave Bunk Minerals
Location: A4
Location: B5
Denver Box, LLC

Location: G9

Products: Acrylic Display Bases - Cotton-Filled Boxes - Fold up boxes - mineral flats - Perky Boxes
Dimitriy Bielakovskiy
Location: E1
DMS Collective
Location: D42
Donald K Olson & Associates

Location: D1

Products: Gemstones - Minerals - Polished Stone
Dusted 77 Fine Minerals
Location: A15
Dusty Gem, The
Location: G7
E Minerals
Location: B10
Earth's Treasures

Location: C4

Products: Hallelujah Junction Quartz - Jackson's Crossroads Amethyst - Rare Gemstones
Enchanted Minerals

Location: E13
Products: Gem Mineral Exploration - Minerals - Specimin Cleaning
Enrico Rinaldi Minerals
Location: G6
Ertashar Pacific Minerals
Location: G1
Escaut Minerals
Location: D17
Focal Crystal, The
Location: A11
Products: Advanced Mineral Collection - Fine Mineral Specimens - Museum Quality Minerals
Foxtail Gallery
Location: D24-30
Gavish Minerals
Location: B7
Geofil - LDA
Location: B11
Geokrazy Minerals

Location: C15-C17

Products: Collector Quality Minerals - Display Mineral Specimens - Unusual Mineral Specimens
Geonica, Inc.
Location: C13, D10
Grateful Earth Minerals
Location: C2
Green Garnet
Location: E11
Green Mountain Minerals, LLC
Location: D19
Hoffmann Minerals
Location: A16
Horizon Mineral & Lapidary
Location: LFP14
Products: Designer Cabochons - Faceted Gemstones - Handmade Glass Beads
Investments From Earth, LLC

Location: D2

Products: Beryl - Gold - Tourmaline
Iteco, Inc
Location: C1
Jackson Gruta
Location: F3
Jaroslav Hyrsl
Location: LFP3
Jewel Tunnel International
Location: LFP7-10
John Attard
Location: LFP20
John Cornish Minerals
Location: D40
Jonathan Feigin
Location: E9
Jonathan's Mineral Exchange
Location: B10
KARP Mining, LLC
Location: D14, D16
Keweenaw Gem & Gift, Inc.
Location: SG2
Products: Michigan Native Copper

Location: SG1

Products: Classic Collector Minerals - Crystallized Gold Specialists - Worldwide Minerals
Lehigh Minerals
Location: SG8
Leonard Himes

Location: C15-17

Products: Fine Mineral Specimens - Mineral Lab Services - Mineral Specimen Appraisals - Wholesale & Retail
Lithographie, Ltd.
Location: A4
Lithos Minerals
Location: C6
Little Big Stone
Location: D7
Products: Madagascar Minerals - Star Rose Quartz - Tourmaline Slices
Loye & Lemon Minerals
Location: D8
Lucian Barbosa
Location: G5
Luis Burillo Minerals
Location: B1
Malachite & Gems of Africa

Location: G2

Products: Crystals - Malachite Carvings - Unique Fossils
Marco Torini
Location: D13
Matrix India Minerals
Location: A6, MV6
Products: Indian Minerals
Mawingu Gems
Location: B8
Products: Minerals
MBM - Marcus Budil Fine Minerals
Location: MV1
Products: Fine Minerals
Merveilles de la Terre
Location: C8
Mexican Minerals
Location: E2
Michael Farmer Meteorites
Location: E16
Midwest Minerals
Location: MM
Products: Minerals
Location: LFP15
Products: Mineral Information
Mineral Angel LLC
Location: B12, B14
Mineral Classics
Location: MV4
Mineral Decor USA
Location: E8
Mineral Exploration Services
Location: SG8
Mineral Showcase, The
Location: F1-F2
Mineralogical Record Magazine
Location: D24-26
Location: D17
Miner's Lunchbox
Location: D39, D41
Mintang LLC
Location: D38
Moritz Karl Meteorites
Location: D20, E16
Most High Minerals
Location: D34
Mountain Minerals International

Location: B3
Products: Fine Gemstones - Fine Minerals - Pakistan Minerals
Multigemas Brazil

Location: F4
Products: Brazilian Crystals - Fine Brazilian Gemstones - Fine Brazilian Minerals
Natural Creations

Location: A17

Products: Silver Jewelry
Natural Selection Crystals
Location: G4
Nimeral Minelab
Location: A8
Opalescent DayDreams, LLC
Location: C10
Pachamama Minerals
Location: SG4-5
Paul Botha Minerals
Location: A14
Persson Rare Minerals

Location: D4

Products: Fine Minerals - Ore - Rare Fine Minerals - Rock Specimens
Peter Muller Stonecarvings

Location: LFP4
Products: Bird & Animal Carvings - Gem Stone Carvings - Peter Muller bird carvings
Petr Sztacho Minerals
Location: LFP4
Location: D20
Pinnacle 5 Minerals, LLC

Location: D32, SG7

Products: Colorado Topaz - Fine Amazonite - Smoky Quartz
Polychrome Minerals
Location: B2
Proper Gems
Location: A15
Products: Fine Minerals
Pu Tzu Minerals
Location: SG9
Pyrite Cubes

Location: D11

Products: Pyrite - Spanish Pyrite
Qixing Minerals
Location: B9
Ramos Mineral's SRL
Location: G8
Reel Amethyst Mine LLC
Location: D40
Products: Collector Quality Specimens - Museum Quality Specimens - North Carolina Amethyst
Rock Currier Collection
Location: LFP16
Rocko Minerals, Inc.
Location: D18
Rocks & Minerals Co.
Location: LFP2
Rocky Houndenstien
Location: F1-2
Rudolph Minerals
Location: D31
Russian Minerals
Location: E5
Products: Ammonites Polished Rough - Russian Canadian Ammonites
Saga Minerals, Inc.
Location: A12

Products: Fine Minerals
Samora Minerals / Hidden Gem Gallery

Location: D43, D45

Products: African Minerals - Amber - Amber Jewelry - American Minerals - Blue Amber - Cabochons - Fine Mineral Specimens - Fine Minerals - Jewelry - Metaphysical - Mexican Fire Opal - Mexican Obsidian
Saphira Minerals
Location: C5
Schwartz Fine Minerals
Location: F2, F5
Scovil Photography
Location: LFP21
Shannon & Son's Minerals
Location: D23-25
Shannon Family Minerals
Location: E4-6
Products: Geotac Mounting Putty - Mineral supplies - Minerals
Shichang Mineral & Jewelry
Location: D44
Shuki Sirakov
Location: E7
SKX Minerals
Location: LFP17
Space Rocks
Location: E15
Spirifer Minerals LLC
Location: A5
Products: Collector's Quality Minerals
Stone Throne LLC
Location: E10
Products: Acrylic Mineral Stands - Custom Display Bases - Onsite Specimen Mounting

Location: C7-C9

Products: African Minerals
Stope Gathering Area, The
Location: D24-26
Sun Gemstone, LLC

Location: SG13

Products: Chinese Crystal - Chinese Fluorite - Chinese Pyromorphite
Sunnywood Collection, Inc., The

Location: A2

Products: Mineral Display Stands
Thee Ancients
Location: D43-45
Tin Can Hill Minerals
Location: LFP6
TJ's Rocks
Location: SG6
UK Mining Ventures Ltd.
Location: SG3
Products: Fluorite - Fluorite Crystals - Rogerley Mine Fluorite
Unique Minerals

Location: D22, D37

Products: Crystals - Minerals - Wholesale & Retail
Valenzuela’s Minerals
Location: D12
Veronica Matthews Minerals
Location: SG10
Products: Dinosaur Tracks - Fluorescent Minerals - Wholesale/Retail Meteorites
Location: D5, D15
Volyn Gems
Location: G3
Way Too Cool Fluorescent Lights
Location: C11
Webminerals S.A.S.
Location: D5, D15
Products: Museum Quality Minerals
Well-Arranged Molecules

Location: D35-36

Products: Wholesale/Retail Crystals
Wendel Minerals
Location: A7, MV2
Wendy's Minerals Co.
Location: A3
XTAL - Dennis Beals Minerals
Location: B3
Zack Bell
Location: B5
Ziga Mineral
Location: A12