2023 Vendors (117):

Buena Vista Contin-Tail Gem, Mineral, & Fossil Show
"Rocks Rock"
Location: A0
317 Silversmithing
Location: C14
A&K Mineral Supply
Location: C18
Location: A13
Above & Below Minerals
Location: A7
Agua Dulce Earthscapes
Location: D30
Alfred's Minerals
Location: A28
Allin Gem
Location: D7-D8
Al's Lithic Creations & Cabbing
Location: D25
Anderson's Stones
Location: D11
Armando & Sons Custom Rock Cutter
Location: D2-D3
Products: Jewelry Craft Cabochons - Mata Ortiz Pottery - Stone Carvings
Art by Nature & Design
Location: B17
Aspen Rock & Gem
Location: B18
Products: Cabochons - Minerals - Utah Lace Opal
Atomic Perfection Gems & Minerals
Location: B29
Baker Family Minerals
Location: C24
Barry Mercer Minerals
Location: D9
Products: Fossils - Meteorites - Tektites
Bits of Nature Decor Co.
Location: C17
Black Hat Trading
Location: C8-C9
Blackstone Lapidary
Location: B2
Products: Dinosaur Bones - Jewelry - Rock Slabs
Blake Snyder
Location: C28
Bond Mining Co.
Location: D28
Bright Star Gemstones
Location: B10
Products: Cabochons - Gemstone Carvings - Gemstone Inlay Knives
Buena Vista Gem Works
Location: D5
CC Turquoise
Location: A14
Location: A0
Products: Affordable Minerals - Quality Minerals - Tourmaline
Chavez Minerals
Location: A9-A10
Colorado Geology
Location: B14
Craig Nelson
Location: A23
Crystal Love Collective
Location: B28
Crystal Roots
Location: C12-C13
Daniel Medina
Location: B23
DJ Ornamentals
Location: B24
Doug St. Pierre
Location: C1
Echolessness LLC
Location: D26
El Chivo Viejo
Location: D7-D8
Electric Pickle Co.
Location: D19
Enhancing the Stone
Location: B19
Ethan Kushner
Location: C22
Ethiopia Gemstone Int.
Location: A22
Products: Emerald - Morganite - Rough/Polished Ethiopian Opals
Gary Pollack
Location: B11
Gem Fantasma
Location: D27
Gems, Minerals 'N Things
Location: A17
Global Products
Location: B13
Products: Hand Thrown Pottery
H & D Lapidary
Location: A15
Happiness Is...Sunshine Studio
Location: D1
Jasper in June
Location: B26
Jen's Gems
Location: D18
Jose Nunez
Location: B20
Kelly Belle Crystals
Location: A26
Lost Creek Mining
Location: A7
Products: Colorado Fluorite - Fine Mineral Specimens - Mount Antero Aquamarine
Malcom Alter Minerals
Location: A18
Mari Rocks & Homemade Gifts
Location: A19
Mass N' Tons of Rock
Location: B6
McKnight's Creations
Location: A27
Miners Mall LLC / Humming Bird Mine
Location: C4
Morning Dew Minerals
Location: C30
Morocco's Fossils & Mineral Crystal
Location: A11
Natural Expressions, Inc.
Location: C10
Products: Apache Tears - Arizona Apache Tears - Chip Inlay - Crushed/Pulverized Minerals - Jet - Pennsylvania Jet Fingers
Nature Little Stone
Location: A6
Products: Energy Crystals - Tibetan Diamond Quartz - Top Mineral Specimens
Nature Source Fossil Co.
Location: A16
Products: Druzy Azurite - Finished Noncomposite Mossasaur - Jacketed Vertebrate Specimens
Navajo Trail Antiques
Location: D12
NGS Minerals LLC
Location: D24
NM Staurolites
Location: A3
North Star Turquoise
Location: A8
Products: Indian Minerals - Museum Quality Minerals - North Star Cabochons - North Star Rough - Untreated Turquoise Jewelry - Wholesale Rocks
Nunez Minerals
Location: A2
Pegasus Gems
Location: D10
Perfect Imperfections Natural Stones
Location: C21
Phantom LLC
Location: B0-B1
Phenomenal Gems LLC
Location: C26
Pink Armadillo, The
Location: A1
Piradical Mining LLC
Location: C2
Play'n With Fire
Location: C15
Po'okela Osaki
Location: C20
Poor Boy Minerals
Location: C19
Location: C16
Pyramid Peak Gems
Location: D6
Products: Dead Camel Jasper - Faceted Gemstones - Fluorescent Spheres - Mineral Spheres - UV Lights
R & M Enterprises
Location: A17
Ray's Rocks
Location: B15
Really Old Rocks
Location: B16
Red Rox Lapidary
Location: B12
Red Sky Minerals
Location: B21
Products: Covellite - Minerals
Rock Art by Neen
Location: D20
Rock Diggers Gems, Minerals, & Jewelry
Location: C23
Rock Out
Location: B3
Products: Colorado Worldwide Wholesale - Rare Unusual Gems - Tourmaline Crystals Enhydro
Rock Sisters LLC
Location: B14
Location: B4
Products: Agatized Florida Coral - Rough Turquoise - Selenite
Rocky Mountain Mining Co
Location: D22
Runnin' Boar Minerals
Location: B8
Products: Retail Amazonite - Wholesale Amazonite - Wirewrapped Jewelry
Santa Fe Silver & Stones
Location: D4
Products: Jewelry
Scully's Minerals
Location: C3
Products: Fluorite - Mixed Mineral Specimens - Tourmaline
Sellenite LLC
Location: B27
Show Office - Registration
Location: B0
Silver & Gem Design
Location: A5
Products: Glass Beads - Jewelry Findings - Swarovski Crystal Beads
Southeastern Mineral Specimens
Location: C29
Spaid Crystals LLC
Location: A24
Spiraled Stone Jewelry
Location: C27
Stan The Opal Man
Location: A29
Stanley Wall
Location: C6
Star Mountain Trading Co.
Location: A12
Stellar Lubricants
Location: B25
Stone By Shelly Birch
Location: B7
Products: Handmade Contemporary Jewelry - Retail Wholesale Jewelry - Silver Copper Jewelry
Stunning Minerals
Location: C11
Taylor Harper
Location: D29
Taylor Made Arts & Lapidary
Location: D23
Terry Hammen Gem Cutter
Location: A20
TK Rocks
Location: C7
Products: Dinosaur Bones - Handmade Beaded Jewelry - Miscellaneous Slabs
Tomkus Minerals
Location: B22
Trini and Julie's Minerals
Location: C5
True to My Nature
Location: A25
Vintage Designs by Angel
Location: A21
West Rock Co
Location: A4
Products: Ametrine - Green Garnet - Hawkeye
Wild Horse Mesa Studio
Location: B9
Wonders Of Nature Lapidary
Location: C25
Woodland Stoneworks
Location: B5
Wyo Nepherite Jade
Location: D21
Zia Mountain LLC
Location: D17