2023 Vendors (91):

GIGM - Globex/Red Lion Inn Gem & Mineral Show
Afgan Tribal
Location: T 26b
Aguirres Mine & Workshop Rainbow Obsidian
Location: RM 157
Alexey Elshin
Location: T 15
Alminrock Indscer Fabriks
Location: L 7
America's Diamond & Jewelery Exchange
Location: GC 8-9
Amigo Minerals
Location: T 36-37
Products: African Minerals
Arizona Color Stones & Minerals
Location: RM 153
Arte Huichod Y Obsidiana
Location: RM 152
Bashir Tribal Rugs
Location: T 38
Baugafer Mineral Fossile
Location: RM 150, SP 53
Bharat Baweja
Location: GC 22
Blue Gems Supplier
Location: RM 132-33
Bravo International
Location: RM 148-49
Cosmic Cutlery
Location: RM 142
Cration Tema Ent.
Location: RM 147
Crystal Gecko, The
Location: GC 33-34
Crystal Light Imports
Location: T 27
Crystal Lindo
Location: RM 110
Crystal Quartz Art Desing by Wilson Pedras Venturini
Location: T 2, 2A
Crystal Tones

Location: T 8, T 16

Products: Crystal Didgeridoos - Crystal Singing Bowls - Crystal tuning forks - Precious Gemstones - Precious Metals - Rare crystals - Rare earths - Rare Metals - Tibetan Singing Bowls
Crystals From Heaven
Location: RM 158
Products: All Color Calcites - Mexican Mineral Specimens - Rough Agates
Di Grande Precious Stones
Location: T 14
Dois Ursas Minerais
Location: T 6
Doost Gems, Inc.
Location: RM 137
Down to Earth Opals

Location: GC 43-44
Products: Australian Black Opal - Australian Opal - Australian Opal Gemstones - Black opal - Black Opals - Carved opal - Lightning Ridge Opal - Opal - Opal carving - Opal rubs - Opal Specimens
EJE Cristais
Location: RM 112
Ethio Star International LLC
Location: GC 12
FYG Industria & Mineria Sac
Location: GC 1-2
Location: GC 27-30
GCO Amethyst
Location: T 3A
Gem Cutter, The
Location: T 13
Gems Forever
Location: GC 11
Generation Crystals
Location: T 9
Global Gems
Location: RM 138
Guilin Jing De Mineral LLC
Location: T34
Gulin Joint Plane Rock Shop
Location: RM 151
ITA Crystals Brazil Com.
Location: T 7
Products: Crystal Quartz Points - Polished Crystals Quartz
Jess Shaul
Location: GC 42
Jin Ge Zi Mineral Specimens
Location: RM 108
Location: T 39
MAK Beads
Location: T 18/25
Malachite & Gems of Africa

Location: RM 145-46

Products: Crystals - Malachite Carvings - Unique Fossils
Malachite Specialist - Sami Chatta
Location: RM 162
Manik GMBH / Athula Jayatunge
Location: GC 14-15
Marvelous Gems
Location: RM 127-28, T24, SP 52
Mayan Mountain, Inc.
Location: T 28-29
Mexican Fire Agate
Location: T 4
MG Crystals LLC
Location: T 3, 5
Mineral Express LLC
Location: T 12
Mineral India
Location: RM 120, 122, T 19
Minerals, Meteorites & Spheres
Location: RM 131
Mr. Agate CO
Location: RM 134-35
Mystic Creations
Location: RM 155-156
Mystical Rose - Cyril Fernandez
Location: GC 16
Natural Sculptures
Location: L 6
Natural Zircon
Location: GC 21
Nature Max
Location: RM 144
Nikhil Gems
Location: RM 160-61, T 26A
Obsidian House, The
Location: GC 45-46
Products: Mexican Obsidian
Opalos De Mexico SA DE CV
Location: GC 6-7
Original Way Crystals LLC
Location: RM129-130
Ortega Minerals & Chrystals International Co.
Location: RM 136
Pedras Venturini
Location: T 1
Peru From Jean Claude
Location: RM 114
Location: RM 124
Raw Specimen Minerals
Location: 5
Rocci's Opals
Location: T 20A
Rod Griffin Boulder Opals
Location: RM 143
Rugs and Arts
Location: T 35A, 35B
Seaside Opals
Location: GC 31-32
Seaside Stones

Location: GC 31-32

Products: Cabochons - Custom Made Jewelry - Maine tourmaline - Scolecite Cabochons - Skeletal Chrysocolla - Tourmaline
Sedona Gems
Location: RM 154
Sergey Belostotskiy Import Export
Location: L 5
SM Crystals
Location: RM 102,104, 106
Southern Sky
Location: T 20
Spiritstone Gems LLC
Location: T 30-32
Products: Mexican Minerals - North American Turquoise - Onyx Lamps
Storage Uraguaway
Location: T 10
Surya Pashmina & Handicrafts
Location: GC 19
Sweet Opals by SB

Location: GC 3-4

Products: Opal Jewelry - Opal Specimens - Opals
Tanzanite "Multistone"
Location: GC 41
Tarheels Minerals
Location: T 24
True Blue Opals & Gems
Location: L 9
Products: Australian Black Opal - Gem Quality Opals - Red Australian Opal
United States Pearl Company, Inc.

Location: RM 139-41

Products: Fresh Water & Cultured Pearls - Loose Pearls - Pearl Jewelry - Pearl Strands
Uruguay Amethyst Co.
Location: L 1-3
Products: Amethyst
Village Morocco
Location: T40
Witty Collections
Location: GC 13
Xin Gui Rock Shop
Location: RM 159
Young Can Jewelry
Location: RM 116, 118
Zavaleta Pesantes Minerals From Peru
Location: T 21
Zeolites India
Location: L 10
Products: Zeolites
Location: GC 23-4