2023 Vendors (61):

JG&M Expo Denver
Agates Ocean LLC
Location: D310
Products: Gemstone Trees - Metaphysical Products - Tumble
Almo Minerals
Location: D305
Al-Shariff African Art
Location: A300
Amber Art / Unique & Company
Location: C110
Amber Dreams
Location: A305
Products: Amber Jewelry
Ayuna & Narada Silver
Location: C102
Products: Designer Jewelry
Bear Carvings & Jade
Location: A210
Products: Bird & Animal Carvings
Bravo International
Location: T4001
Colombia Piedras Del Mundo
Location: C310
Colombian Minerals
Location: D110
Colorado Works
Location: A100
CY Lin Company
Location: T1004
Products: Fine Jewelry
Decor Stones LLC
Location: T3012
Earthstones Gems Inc.
Location: T3005
Eddy Wraps Gems
Location: D100
Elite Imports/Exports LLC Arizona
Location: T1007
Products: Tumbled Stones
Enter The Earth

Location: BT B, T1001

Products: Ammonite - Fossils - Minerals
EraMineral & Company
Location: T3010
Evaldo Big Stones
Location: T3006
Fossilien Minerallien
Location: T2009
Fu Cheung Trading LLC
Location: A303
G & Beads
Location: T5001
Gemstone Material Interiors (GMI)

Location: T5005, T5006

Products: Crystal Lamps
GTG Gems Corp.
Location: D104
I am Love Prosperity
Location: D210
ITA Crystals Brazil Com.
Location: T1006
Products: Crystal Quartz Points - Polished Crystals Quartz
J&J Gem & Mineral
Location: T3003
Jay Gems N Minerals
Location: T3003
Products: Esoteric Stones Therapy - Tumbled Mineral Eggs - Tumbled Mineral Spheres
JVW Enterprises, LLC
Location: T1005
Products: Pearls
Kathmandu Designs
Location: C303-C305
Products: Moonstone Jewelry
Kathmandu Treasure
Location: C104
Larimar/Dominican Gem
Location: C200
Lasco Diamond Products, Inc.
Location: A200
Products: Carving Diamond Burs - Diamond Core Drills - Small Diamond Drills
Los Laureles Fire Opals Mexico
Location: C210
Products: Fire Agate Jewelry
Machu Picchu Jewelry Co.
Location: C300
Malachite & Gems of Africa

Location: T3008

Products: Crystals - Malachite Carvings - Unique Fossils
MG Crystals LLC
Location: T2010
Mikala's Designs Inc.
Location: C201-C202
Products: Silver Jewelry
Mineracao Moura
Location: T2006
Products: Black Tourmaline - Kianite - Moscovita
Moroccan Imports, Inc
Location: T4002
Products: Fossils - Meteorites - Mineral Specimens
Mosaico LTDA
Location: C301
Myths LLC
Location: A310
Natural Creations

Location: D201-204

Products: Silver Jewelry
New Gems Ltda
Location: T4004
New Tropical Gems
Location: T3004
Pedras Venturini
Location: T3009
PG Gems
Location: D102
Pink & Blue Stone
Location: T2005
Pissioni Gems
Location: T3001
Precious Treasures
Location: A201-A206
Rainbow Rocks & Gems
Location: D106, D205
Rita's Sterling (Ay Design)
Location: A301
Location: C100
Skyline Business Ltd

Location: A102-A110

Products: Astrophyllite - Beads - Cabochons - Charoite - Charoite cabochons - Charoite jewelry - Charoite pendants - Charoite slabs - Charoite spheres - Dendritic agate - Dianite - Elite shungite - Eudialyte - Nephrite Jade - Noble shungite - Petrovsky shungite - Rainbow Pyrite - Rough - Rough astrophyllite - Rough charoite - Rough eudialyte - Russian Semi-precious Stones - Seraphinite - Seraphinite cabochons - Shungite - Shungite beads - Shungite bracelets - Shungite jewelry - Shungite merkaba - Shungite pendants - Shungite pyramids - Shungite spheres - Silver shungite - Strawberry quartz - Tumbled charoite - Tumbled shungite - Tumbled Stones
Som's Int'l Imports
Location: C106
Products: Thai Silver Jewelry
Sugilite Co., The
Location: T2001
Products: Sugilite
Sullivan's Stones
Location: D300
Topstones / Craftstones
Location: T2004
Products: Tumbled Stones
Tours Marruecos
Location: T2008
Videotron Gems & Jewelry
Location: C203-C206
Products: Silver Jewelry
Wilson's Pedras
Location: T5002, T5004