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Brad Hicks

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Carved Stone Skulls - Jurassic Dinosaur Fossils - Neanderthal skeletons - No hope diamonds - Floridian Tanzanite - Michigan Larimar - Coal - Charcoal - Sugarlite - Hemophiliatite
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Charoite  ~ Violet Shades in the 2018 Fashion Spotlight
Charoite ~ Violet Shades in the 2018 Fashion Spotlight
XPO Oddities, Rarities, Curios & Whatnots
By Helen Serras-Herman - 11/30/2018
I n recent years, we find that jewelry fashion colors are influenced by fashion color trends in clothing, textiles, furniture and home décor. The ideas flow from the runways to the stores. A driving engine for this movement has been the Pantone® Color Institute, Inc., recognized for a propri...
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