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We are not a business first and foremost, we are here in service to the Mineral Kingdom and YOU! We, Marilyn and Tohmas Twintreess (along with the ever speedy Lisa and generous Pranava), listen to Stones. That is our full-on, glorious honor, deep joy and profound priority. Thanks to YOU for making this privilege possible. Opening up your hearts to fully receive people who listen to Stones and tools for your expansion and abundance is magnificent. Thank you always. There’s our business plan and we love sharing it! Now, let’s tell you the unlimited fun options and adventures we have for you! We have been happily doing the Denver Gem Show since 2004. Every year we organize it the same way: We listen to all the Stones to have exactly the ones that want to come and be loved and appreciated and happily go onto you (and yours). That’s where service meets business and as far as we are concerned, that is the new way of life on the planet. Before we come to the Show, we’ll give you an email heads-up on what came in from our international friends and you can pre-order whatever pleases you (Or if you can’t make the Show this year, you can shop through email: Easy and simple.). Not getting our emails? Sign up on www.AhhhMuse.com or mqt@AhhhMuse.com We only send out emails when there’s something actually happening so you usually only hear from us about every other month (Though YOU are welcome to contact us any time!!!). During the Show, Marilyn will personally host you in our Denver Show Room, Clarion Inn #224 (Right outside the elevator on the 2nd floor) and simultaneously, she can listen to the Stones on your behalf. Just ask. It’s really always that simple. https://www.ahhhmuse.com www.AhhhMuseStonesAlive.com

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Arielite - Balinese Recycled Glass Art - Balinese Sacred Deity Statues - Boji - Clear Space & Stonessences - Crystal Singing Instruments - GDV Readings - Lemurian Quartz - Lifenhancers / ShungiteAlive! Wearables - Lightning Struck Lemurians - Mayan Artifacts (Jalisco) - Mouth Mud - Rituals of Manifestation Deck & Guidebook - Shungite - Soaps and Candles - StonesAlive! Book Series - Structured Water Units - SuperHero Rings! - Tibetan Singing Bowls - Vibrational Jewelry - Vibrational Wands - Wrapped Jewelry - Yeh Ming Zhu
What you will find in the AhhhMuse show room!
What you will find in the AhhhMuse show room!
Here are the kinds of things that await you in our AhhhMuse Gem Shows (Denver in Sept; Tucson in Jan & Feb; Franklin in May; our hometown shop AahhhMaze! In Silver City, by appointment any time!, along with most Saturdays!!!)~ ·         Boji ®-We are one of two distributors in the world who always h...
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